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Capacity 100ml


OCKSUJUNG’s new bamboo salt soy sauce that represents the sarira (舍利) of the earth. OCKSUJUNG has inspired by a gem of the truth and invented the soy sauce with strong scent which holds unprecedentedly clear spiritual energy by magically combining small black soybean (鼠目太), known as the sarira of the earth, with bamboo salt and leaven.
OCKSUJUNG’s bamboo salt soy sauce is a drop of gem dew born from divine purity, which contains the flavor reminding of benevolent and auspicious spirit, rarity and grace. Bamboo salt soy sauce is a brilliant product in which Mr. Kim’s lifetime knowledge and experience are integrated in; it is the essence of the knowledge about health.


OCKSUJUNG SARIRA BAMBOO SALT SOY SAUCE is fermented and aged by leaven with sulfur-fed ducks (the best elixir of life), garlic, dried barks of slippery elm (Yugeunpi, 楡根皮) harmonized. OCKSUJUNG completely understands the characteristics of each ingredient and produces intense features and deep flavor based on our excellent bamboo salt production knowhow.

Detailed Information

∙ Type of Food: traditional Korean Soy Sauce
∙ Manufactured & Distributed by: OCKSUJUNG
∙ Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea
∙ Period of Usage: 3 years
∙ Ingredients and contents: bamboo salt 47% (9 times), small black soybean 36.5%, duck 6.5%, garlic 5.2%,
  dried barks of slippery elm 4.8%
∙ Nutrition facts: Serv. Size(1 teaspoon(15 ml)), Calories 5, Fat Cal. 0, Total Fat 0g(0% DV), Sat. Fat 0g(0% DV),
  0mg(0% DV), Sodium 940mg(47% DV), Total Carb. 1g(0% DV), Fiber 0g(0% DV), Protein 0g, Calcium 1mg(0%
  DV),  Potassium 0 mg(0% DV)
∙ GMO indication: N/A
∙ KHSA mark or potential side effects of Infant foods or weight control foods: N/A
∙ QA standard: subject to relevant laws and the customer dispute resolution standards.

How to Use

There are no specifically good or bad ways to eat Sarira Bamboo Salt Soy Sauce. What’s important is that you experience the moment. But there is a way you can experience deeper flavor of Sarira Bamboo Salt Soy Sauce.
The simplest way is to take undiluted soy sauce. Pour Sarira Bamboo Salt Soy Sauce in a teaspoon and take it. A salty taste goes away shortly. Keep Sarira Bamboo Salt Soy Sauce mixed with your saliva in your mouth for about 30 seconds to fully experience its distinctive taste and flavor and swallow it gently. Its golden appearance is as clear and smooth as velvet with its aftertaste as sweet as honey.
Use OCKSUJUNG Sarira Bamboo Salt Soy Sauce and learn Mr. Il-hoon Kim’s spirit of saving people’s lives.

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OCKSUJUNG Gift Wrapping Service

All of the OCKSUJUNG products come with a dedicated OCKSUJUNG shopping bag and bamboo salt samples.


Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved


Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved