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Capacity 100ml


BAMBOO SALT SOY SAUCE production method in Korea in 21 century is developed and shared by Mr. Il-hoon Kim was said to outperform the old famous Chinese physicians Hua Tuo (華佗) and Bian Que (扁䳍). In his book 《Guse Sinbang (救世神方)》, bamboo salt soy sauce is introduced as a wonder / miracle drug or an elixir for various incurable diseases


Mr. Il-hoon Kim, the inventor of bamboo salt, introduced the innovate way of produce soy sauce embodied with his wish for people living in the most healthiest, longest and happiest without illnesses.


Bamboo Salt Soy Sauce is made of bamboo salt, which prevents everything from decomposing, and small black soybeans (鼠目太), which contain the spirits of seven starts of northern mansions of the Black Tortoise from Dou (斗星) to Bi (壁星).

Detailed Information

∙ Type of Food: traditional Korean Soy Sauce
∙ Manufactured & Distributed by: OCKSUJUNG
∙ Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea
∙ Period of Usage: 3 years
∙ Ingredients and contents: small black soybean 52.8%, bamboo salt 45.7% (9 times), cinnamon stem bark
  1.1% licorice 0.4%
∙ Nutrition facts: Serv. Size(1 teaspoon(15 ml)), Calories 0, Fat Cal. 0, Total Fat 0g(0% DV), Sat. Fat 0g(0% DV),
  Cholest. 0mg(0% DV), Sodium 400mg(20% DV), Total Carb. 0 g(0% DV), Fiber 0g(0% DV), Protein 0g,
  Calcium 1mg(0% DV), Potassium 0 mg(0% DV)
∙ GMO indication: N/A
∙ KHSA mark or potential side effects of Infant foods or weight control foods: N/A

How to Use

There wouldn’t be more special ingredient than bamboo salt soy sauce in making the flavor of food deeper and healthier. Like the way you use bamboo salt, use bamboo salt instead of regular salt to season various types of food. Bamboo salt soy sauce enhances the original effect of the food has and adds flavor to make the food itself good medicine.

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OCKSUJUNG Gift Wrapping Service

All of the OCKSUJUNG products come with a dedicated OCKSUJUNG shopping bag and bamboo salt samples.


Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved


Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved