Gem Made of Salt

26 Oct 2016
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The other day, I watched a documentary program called "Super Asia" on TV. The program introduced the world's largest diamond processing factory in India. During a scene where a lot of diamonds as small as beans were poured out, I thought it was similar to our bamboo salt grains. I told my children who were watching together with me.

"That's it. The bamboo salt we make is diamond. While a diamond is an accessory you wear, the gem we make enters our body and makes it good. So what a precious thing we are making! We have to be puffed up and display nerve to give the most precious thing to people who really need it, without trying to sell it with a lot of effort. It is because we sell a gem made of salt, which does not exist in any place in the world, not a cheap salt.

My children often enter bamboo salt for export in overseas fairs. It is much more expensive than the one for domestic sale. Most well-crystallized salt becomes export salt. It is registered on Amazon's site.

One day, my son, who has travelled around foreign countries a lot, said.

"Foreigners approach our product as it is sophisticated and luxurious, but they are all frightened at the price enough to be afraid to break a bottle of bamboo salt. And the officials who host the fairs and promote exports also deny it. Exports are impossible with that price. They say so. And foreigners are more surprised. Some people even say that we can never export at this price."
"How can we change the price?"

Then I said this.

"You have to throw away the thought that an export contract should be made whether you meet no matter how many buyers at Export Gateway Biz Plaza or you enter the product in no matter how many fairs. Because you already succeeded just with the fact that you have frightened people. I think they must be frightened. Nobody can be calm after seeing this rare and beautiful thing. This is a rare, luxurious and dazzling bamboo salt that only we can make in the world. How can you be swayed by what other people say and lower the value of this bamboo salt? You can meet a person who recognizes this gem made of salt, diamond made of salt. And there must be a country which wants to import the diamond made of salt at the full price. So, take your time. Do not be pushy. And be patient even if your life is hard and painful. Your grandfather said that a phoenix does not land in a patch of weeds however hungry it may be. So, wait for an opportunity. Wait for the best investor with the best product. That is pride and also patriotism. And that is the way not to compromise your grandfather. Frightening foreign people is half the victory. Is there a country which has created the secret to make a gem with salt in the world? And is there a person who can have the ability to make such gems? Even in Korea, there is no one who can make a gem or diamond with salt according to the correct formula your grandfather created. Only we can do this. So, it is natural for foreign people to pay the full price to have the best thing in the world. Just wait for an opportunity to export with the best mentality. Have the firm spirit of Hwarang for higher quality and do not be swayed. Just run ahead forward. Your grandfather said my grandchildren will enjoy the best because of my hidden virtue. So endure this winter as the best descendants, even if it is too hard. You will succeed and enjoy it as per the prediction of your grandfather. However, success often comes with a price. First you have to make efforts to practice uprightness toward a great spirit and best mercy. Only after you are equipped with the basics and make the best efforts to make the best bamboo salt can you enjoy things due to the hidden virtues of your grandfather. That is the way to appreciate your blood connection to your grandfather. Warm spring will come soon. I hear spring winds coming here from all over the world now."

I emphasize this to my children all the time. That is why I write this here.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved