Spring is Coming

8 Aug 2016
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I heard spring coming. I actually felt it just around the corner. You may not understand what I am saying in this scorching heat. I am talking about the seasons of life.

I've endured a harsh winter. "Spring does not come even if you scream in winter. Spring comes automatically," my father said. I also waited for spring without yelling. But it was a really long and harsh winter. Nowadays, I do not spare praising myself.

However, it seems it's harder now than in the harsh and cruel winter. In winter, I could endure because I acknowledged that I was cold. But now, even if I hear spring coming and spring is really around the corner, I feel harder. Why? Because I want to hurriedly grab spring around the corner. When you feel spring in your skin, it is real spring. People tend to mess up what really matters due to the remaining 2% after finishing 98%.

It is because people think lightly of the 2% as they have endured 98%. They just think they can endure the last 2% easily. But they should want desperately to use 98% energy after they endured the 98%.

One day my father took me to Jinan Maisan Tapsa Temple. He even transferred cars several times to go there with me, and I got carsick a lot. He even patted me on the back because I vomited. (So, you wonder how the daughter of Insan Kim Ilhoon can get carsick. But at the time, as we were so poor, we didn't have bamboo salt and ssajuarissuk (a type of mugwort) that was good for motion sickness. We didn't even have three meals to eat at the time when I was in my early twenties.)

I imagined how long a time the workers endured till they put the stones on top of Tapsa Temple. People may think putting the last stone on top is easy. But this is possible only when you have been training ceaselessly. I think my father took me to the temple to show me this, being afraid that I couldn't endure till spring touched my skin.

These days, there is a lot of talk about exporting our bamboo salt, and I can hear the evaluation of its quality here and there. I have been invited to and participated in various international fairs. I communicate a lot with buyers, duty free shops and department stores. It seems we can export bamboo salt soon. All the members of our company armed themselves mentally and are fully prepared, but there are no actual orders yet. That is why we are having a hard time financially.

It's like the time when I can hear spring coming and feel spring around the corner has come, but it has not touched my skin yet. This time is harder than the harsh winter. So, I put in 98% energy to get the other 2%, not putting in 2% efforts. I will pour out my maximum ability and the spirit of Hwarang (elite group of male youth before).

I am enduring till spring automatically touches me without grabbing it for great work.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved