Capital Bamboo

30 Aug 2016
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Capital bamboo is disappearing.
I am so sad, so I have to say something or anything.

If there is no bamboo, bamboo salt cannot be made.
In particular, capital bamboo is needed. Nevertheless, the producers of bamboo salt don't think that they should use capital bamboo. That is why capital bamboo has nearly died out. The reason that they do not use capital bamboo is simple. Capital bamboo is expensive. My father (Insan Kim Ilhoon) said capital bamboo should be used to produce bamboo salt. I must observe what my father said upon my life. Because what he said is a good thing. As I think the capital bamboo development business is the role of the nation or chaebol (form of business conglomerate), I just spent years making the world's best bamboo salt on this mountain. The world's best bamboo is my father's and also the nation's pride and the basic of spirit of saving people and the world.

Although I have walked only that way, it is said that such an important capital bamboo is disappearing. Capital bamboo is consumed in Damyang and Hamyang and the only company that uses capital bamboo is ours. My father said that if there is no capital bamboo in Damyang, the ones in Hamyang should be used. He said it was because the name of the village that had sun was good for the growth of bamboo.

I want to start with thought that it's not too late. I bought 132,000m2 of forest to make a capital bamboo grove. Planting one tree costs 10,000 KRW. When at least 100,000 trees should be planted, we can produce bamboo salt that spreads to the world. But 100,000 trees costs one billion KRW. So, I will just plant them gradually one by one whenever an investor comes along. Starting with 132,000m2.

I want to collect individuals' power to make a bamboo grove. The people who invest will have returns. Planting bamboo is making installment savings, and also patriotism.

Every country consumes salt. All people consume salt. But the country which can produce the best salt is Korea. This is because my father invented bamboo salt for the first time in the world, and sweet dew flows only in Korea. Also, the best ingredients that are needed for bamboo salt such as bamboo, salt and red clay exist only in Korea.

Therefore, the moment when foreign people acknowledge the excellence of bamboo salt, our country will become the medicinal power that my father mentioned. My father's prophecies always amazingly come true.

For 20 years, I've accumulated a skill to make the best bamboo salt. But capital bamboo is disappearing. If I plant it now, I can use it 3 years later. So how can I not be anxious?

Nevertheless, as my customers in our shopping mall are more precious to me, I write first like this and wait for investors. And then I will make efforts to find investors outside.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved