Kim Yun-ock Says

5 Jan 2015
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People told me a lot times not to write things in Dabyeot Village that only I can understand. They told me to give some explanation. But whenever they said this, I replied to them that heaven and earth knows and general people can understand. However, the other day one of my acquaintances, who is younger than me, begged. As a person who really respects my father, the acquaintance also told me to write things that everybody can understand.
Well, now that I have turned 60, it seems softness in my thoughts is also increasing along with my age. In other words, I sometimes think that my thoughts could be wrong.

So I say that Insan Kim, Il-hoon, he is my father. I am the only daughter in a family of four sons and a daughter. The eldest son passed away. Now three sons and a daughter remain.

In 2007, I founded my bamboo salt company after acquiring a food business license in a community health centerInsanga Inc., Insan Bamboo Salt Village Inc. and Dabyeot Foods Inc.(currently Korea Bamboo Salt Corporation) are the names of the bamboo salt companies managed by three children of my father, Insan Kim, Il-hoon.

I went deep into a mountain and started to live there in 1997. And I also started to roast bamboo salt.

Purple bamboo salt! I did not hear it alone. We all heard from my father that we should throw away the bamboo salt if the color became purple during roasting.

However, my siblings say my father did not say this. One of them wrote that my father did not talk about purple bamboo salt in the November 1994 issue of the magazine that he published. He even said there was no record of purple bamboo salt in any literature. And he also wrote about the experience of side effects of a swollen body and thirst and claimed that purple bamboo salt was not an authentic manufacturing method. He urged people not to have a vain fantasy about purple bamboo salt. But now he changed his words. He wrote again in the same magazine, in the June 2014 issue. "Purple bamboo salt is safe." With this title, he wrote various excuses. He now even says my father roasted purple bamboo salt himself. Money talks. How can a son have something to say even after he betrayed his father?

In late spring last year, the war over purple bamboo salt started. I appeared on the TV show, "Food X-Files" and revealed that purple bamboo salt is garbage. There was a big commotion among the crowd. People say I revealed such a thing now because I am poor or because I cannot roast purple bamboo salt. Or they say I did this because I was jealous of my rich siblings.

Then why did I reveal it now? I only heard about bamboo salt from my father, and I did not make bamboo salt myself when my father was alive. I started roasting bamboo salt in 1997 till 2015.

With what can I win? That is skill. I have just accumulated skill till I can make the best product, and I can make purple bamboo salt, which all people say is great, even with my eyes closed. So that I can prove what my father said. Only when I can do that, can I say I am the daughter of my father. I had my children roast bamboo salt. They roast bamboo salt well. Out of 14 of my father's grandchildren, only my children can roast bamboo salt. My children can also make sulfur duck extract, marsh snail extract, pickled radish, walnut oil, garlic pills, and the bamboo salt pills that appear in his book "Shinyak" (The God's Medicine). They grew up hearing my father's thoughts from me more than enough. My children always bear in mind what my father said, such as "Do not receive money from the sick. But if you can't help receiving money, receive a small amount" and "Do your best to make the highest quality product."

My siblings do not know how to make bamboo salt. They just heard it all from employees. When people ask my siblings how purple bamboo salt is made and why it is expensive, they replied that purple bamboo is made at high temperature and is expensive because it needs a lot of ingredients and productivity is low.

I say the purple bamboo salt is not produced only at high temperature. Fewer ingredients are needed. And the output is large.

Someday I can show the detailed production process of purple bamboo salt to the world.

I want to also see the faces of my siblings who have made a fuss about purple bamboo salt.

And 99% of the bamboo salt industry in South Korea produces purple bamboo salt. They flipped over losing money and had a meeting to bury me, Kim Yunock. Kim Yunse, one of the Insan family members, was there. I heard about it. Now that they started, they had to kill Kim Yunock. I don't understand why they can't kill me and just talk about me behind my back.

I don't believe anyone in the world. I trust my father only. I do not do things that I was asked not to do.

My father nicknamed me "gangster and lawyer." I, a gangster, beat the bad asses who roast the purple bamboo salt that my father had told people not to roast. That is "Food X-Files." The bad asses who were beaten up shouted that they are hurt.

And I waited. I believed there will be something for which I could play a role as a lawyer. A professor from the University of Maryland worked for the Insan Family as the head of a research institute and conducted a safety test with general bamboo salt. And Kim Yunse fired him for an unreasonable reason. But the professor wanted to keep researching bamboo salt. One day, he visited the head of a research institute in Daedeok Science Town for another purpose. The professor only mentioned in passing that he wanted to keep researching bamboo salt. Then, the head said, "Bring it to me. I will test the ingredients of the bamboo salt. So the professor could have purple bamboo salt and clean bamboo salt tested for free. The professor said he was so glad because he could not have tested it till that time because of the expensive test fee, and his gratitude was beyond expression. And he said to me, "You are great. Because you did not do what your father told you not to do till the end and could endure it even when it was hard. It turned out that there was bad component in purple bamboo salt. It turned out that your father was right." And he added that he wrote a paper about it and will announce the results to the world in an academic journal.

(To sum up the paper, the major content is as follows: purple bamboo salt contains magnesium sulfide (MgS), which makes the purple color. If MgS acts with water (human saliva), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is generated. And purple bamboo salt has insoluble matter such as copper sulfide (CuS) and iron sulfide (FeS), which are melted in acidic conditions (stomach acid) and generate hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a poisonous gas.)

I burst into tears. I have lived without roasting purple bamboo salt, trusting my father's words. And this was proved scientifically, I thought, "this is it." That is the fact that the truth eventually comes out even if it takes a long time. However, the publishing of the paper that was submitted to the academic journal has been delayed. As the reason will be revealed someday, I will not mention it here.

I desperately want the producers of purple bamboo salt to realize this and stop their work. That is more urgent than publishing the paper. But rumor has it that the producers of purple bamboo salt spent days threatening the professor who wrote the paper and the head of the research institute in Daedeok Science Town. How stupid they are!

They can just write a refuting paper and chip in for the cost of the component and safety tests. And it the tests passed they can produce the purple bamboo salt fair and square. Why can't they do this and not waste time making threats?

They don't even make efforts to use my siblings, who claim that they did not hear what my father said to find any evidence that purple bamboo salt is good from voice records or the notes of my father.

I heard about purple bamboo salt directly from my father. And there is no content that says purple bamboo salt is good for health in any voice records or books.

My siblings claim that my father did not say that purple bamboo salt should be thrown away. So the producers of purple bamboo salt can ask my siblings to find any clue that purple bamboo salt is good in my father's notes and make a refuting paper and take the component test and the test proving safety for the human body. If they do that, they can immediately bury Kim Yunock, who argued that purple bamboo salt is bad. Why don't they choose the easy road instead of going the long way around?


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved