Do Not Boast that You Have Removed Bittern

19 Jan 2014
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The crystal that coagulates in water is salt.

The crystal that has 10,000 minerals in bittern is called a gemstone, and the component that can make arsenic trioxide is called nuclear arsenic. This is the nucleus of a crystal.

If nuclear arsenic is used to an extreme, it becomes a poison that kills humans, while it becomes a medicine if it is properly taken in. It is a cure-all for all diseases.

In the sea, there are unlimited resources that all lives can rely on. Among these resources, the thing that has the most useful medicinal effect is nuclear arsenic.

Nuclear arsenic is something that has become the highest toxin, as seawater received fire energy from the earth for a long time after the sea was first created.

As this nuclear arsenic is the prince of all toxins that cause the human body to have diseases, it has the power to get rid of all toxins, including bacteria, which can induce cancer, etc. in the human body.

Only bay salt made in the salt pans in the west coast, South Korea has nuclear arsenic. Therefore, if bay salt is treated with high-temperature heat of over 1,000°C, the nuclear arsenic that is used most beneficially for the human body among 10,000 minerals can be obtained.

By obtaining this nuclear arsenic, a miracle drug that can be widely used for various diseases can be produced.

If the space outside earth is divided into three layers, the layer farthest from the earth has toxin, the middle layer has spiritual essence and the nearest layer has pigment.

When the toxin in space is combined with the toxin from underground, pigment also becomes germs, which induces cancer or other mysterious diseases in mankind.

Like this, when the toxin in space is combined with the toxin underground and induces various diseases in lives on the ground, unless the aforementioned nuclear arsenic is used, a cure is impossible.

Hence, in modern history where pollution is increasing, nuclear arsenic is an indispensable medicine, and its mass distribution is desperately required. Nuclear arsenic can be distributed by manufacturing bamboo salt.

- "God's Medicine" Chapter 1 2) Nuclear Arsenic - What is it? P36-37 -


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved