Dabyeot Bamboo Salt is Fake

2 May 2013
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It would be OK if I heard from consumers that our bamboo salt is fake. People who roast bamboo salt say things like that, and consumers will trust them. But if I hear it from the people who roast bamboo salt or the people who work with them, it really makes my heart break.

They say "Dabyeot bamboo salt is not roasted nine times." "High-temperature heat treatment is performed without roasting nine times." "Bad ingredients or Chinese ingredients are used." They have been saying things like this for seven years.

People who roast bamboo salt in the world, including Koreans, do it according to the grace of my father and live with the benefits my father has given. My father, Insan Kim Ilhoon, opened bamboo salt to the whole world in a book in order for everyone to make and eat it.

Did he teach the method only to his children? Did he feed his children with good meals after making money with that good thing? Did he use that good thing only for him to live comfortably? What he has left is bamboo salt. If people say rough things about bamboo salt, how can they bear the karma they accumulate through their mouths? I just don't understand how they have no fear.

Most of all, they say Dabyeot bamboo salt is fake just because it is cheap. People who roast bamboo salt can't say the price of bamboo salt I have set is an impossible price. This is because they have already calculated the production cost themselves. Besides, I can't set an unprofitable price, as I am not rich. I can't make bamboo salt because I have no energy if I don't have meals.

The road where I go is the one I have to go on to honor my father's wish. I have to go even if I had a knife at my throat or if I starved to death. The law that my father has left is such a fearful and good thing. How can I not perform high-temperature heat treatment without nine-time roasting? How can I use bad ingredients or Chinese ones? It's totally non sense! I need money of course, but it is not more important than human life and my soul. How can I do such scandalous things to make some profit? Even if all the money in the world is given to me, I cannot exchange it with my soul. If my spirit ends in this life, I might do anything. But I will carry my spirit forever. That is why I cannot violate the law and risk my life to observe the law. For the most important spirit.

Bamboo salt is my father. How can I do such scandalous things with bamboo salt, which is my father, to make some profit? My father Insan Kim Ilhoon said in his book and also stressed to me when he was alive That I should
"Make it affordable by mass-producing it in order for anyone to use."

"Mass-produce it in order for all the nation's people to eat it." This is what he said in his book and emphasized when he was alive. Mass-produce it and feed all the nation's people with it! This is only possible when the price is affordable. I am very sorry that people do not think about how they can honor my father's wish, but waste time to criticize the person who wants to honor the wish.

Everyone sees other people with their eyes and heart. People who say Dabyeot bamboo salt is fake are real fake people themselves, and the people who say that I do not roast salt nine times and just perform the high-temperature heat treatment are people who deceive heaven. They just say that about themselves. I want to write down one thing I practice in my life from what my father said when he was alive.

First, "Do not receive money from the sick." Second, "If you can't help receiving money, receive a small amount." Third, "Advise on the easiest method to use it."


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved