Bamboo Salt, Too Salty

26 Mar 2013
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Even when my father (Insan Kim Ilhoon) was alive, he couldn't make all people understand, because there was no person who was smart enough to understand it. However, now after my father has passed away, people are getting smarter than him, so how can I make them all understand?

My father said good bamboo salt has no color, no scent and no odor.

Good bamboo salt has no color. But people make fuss about color. Some people say they directly inherited the color of bamboo salt from my father and other people say my father told them the color that bamboo salt should have when it is roasted. And other people even say my father gave the secret only to them. As their lies are serious like this, what can I say?

Most people who have not met my father trust what they say. As they say they heard from my father in person, how can people not trust them? But people are easily deceived about things for which they can find an answer upon a moment's reflection. As my father has passed away, he cannot say it in person. Then, we can read the book he left. There is an answer. I just don't understand how well people cover up heaven with their palm.

Good bamboo salt has no scent and no odor. This means that it has no good or bad smell. My father said this is good bamboo salt.

So, what can I say to people who are smarter than my father and insist that bamboo salt has a smell with the smell they feel on the tip of their tongue?

People have destroyed the basics of what my father taught, they have become great people, and have brought shame on my father by creating new theories about bamboo salt. And they are most of people who roast bamboo salt. They really make me speechless. They are smarter and greater than Insan Kim Ilhoon, the founder of bamboo salt. How can I not be left dumbfounded?

Good bamboo salt has no color. It is a color close to salt.

No scent and no odor. And no color. It is close to salt.

The conclusion is that the color is white and the taste is salty. That is good bamboo salt. Korean people have become neurotic about salty food. They think if they eat salty food they will get diseases. If they have a salty taste on the tip of their tongue, they shout as if they will die soon like a person with a heart attack. They usually hear that eating salty food causes diseases. How can they help but fear? But think just moment about the lives our ancestors lived on this land.

Think just a moment. They lived a healthy life eating well-seasoned food. Kimchi, soybean paste, red pepper taste, soy sauce, various salted seafood, and all the other salted food. They lived eating well-seasoned, salty food. No matter good food is, unless it is well-seasoned, it is not delicious. Well-seasoned food is delicious, and you are happy when you eat it, and diseases hardly develop.

The best bamboo salt should have no color, no scent and no odor, like my father said.

So, bamboo salt has no color or smell, and is salty.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved