The Shocked Look of a Dentist

6 Mar 2010
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My eldest son is 26 years old now. I still remember the look on the dentist's face when I took my son, who was an elementary school student at the time, to a dental clinic and had his teeth X-rayed. The look seemed to say, "How can you be a mom?" The dentist told me to visit later, because the situation was getting out of hand. I looked at the X-ray image. The teeth were really uneven and in a word, a mess. So, I could understand the expression of the dentist.

Although I felt dizzy for a moment when the dentist said "getting out of hand," I left the dental clinic thinking about bamboo salt, as usual. I acknowledged that the responsibility for the teeth of my son rested with me, as the look on the dentist's face said.

Both children and grownups get stressed if they can't eat what they want to eat and can't do what they want to do.

Then, how hard it would be for children who have less patience?If children can't eat or do what they want, their heart is damaged. So just listen to all that children want desperately. That's the way to not damage the hearts of children. If a heart is damaged in childhood, all diseases start from that. And if it is severe, it gets out of hand. So, do not make anything that your children could want desperately. If you have already made that thing, grant the wishes of your children. Also, do not let your children cry desperately. Those things become the cause of heart damage, which leads to all diseases. When adults get severely stressed, the stress accumulates and causes a serious illness. Children become like that more easily. So do not raise your children in such a way that they are often hurt.

All the above is what my father said. As I was raised to listen to my father, I bought all the things my children wanted to have. How many unsweet things are there in snacks for children today? My children's teeth are also the result of my doing what they wanted.

Anyway, after I left the dental clinic, I became sober and started to brush every nook and cranny of my son's teeth and gums with a lot of bamboo salt. All that I did was to just brush his teeth evenly every night before he went to bed. As he applied a small amount of bamboo salt if he did it himself, I brushed his teeth myself with a large amount of bamboo salt. The result was mysterious. His teeth gradually got better, and after one year, they settled evenly.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved