My Daughter Who Broke My Heart

11 Feb 2010
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Dreaming a village of the God's medicine, I bought 198,000m2 of forest land and acquired permission from the district office to reclaim 75,900m2 of the land. While I made efforts for the reclamation, I had to see my daughter's gums and teeth all destroyed. It was a hard time, and she was 3 years old at that time.

My mother gave her all the things she wanted to have and eat because her granddaughter was so lovely. My daughter loved to drink Sprite like her grandfather. As she indulged in Sprite and sweets like candy and cookies, her teeth decayed and fell out. So, she looked like a grandmother when she smiled. Although the whole world seemed to collapse, I could not take measures immediately and just had to stick to the reclamation thing.

It is difficult even for corporations to reclaim a huge area of land. It was really hard days for someone like me who did not know anything about that. I just thought my daughter's teeth would be OK when new teeth came out, which was a pathetic consolation. The years went by like that, and when my daughter had new teeth, I witnessed more painful results.

As her gums were also a mess, how could her teeth come out without problems? The gaps between her teeth became wide when the teeth came out, and one tooth that should have grown into a gap actually came out through the roof of her mouth.

I could even hear my heart falling while looking at my daughter whose tooth had come out through the roof of her mouth. At the time, all her teeth had come out and she was a third grade elementary school student. Everybody can imagine how pained I felt.

My daughter is really pretty, like figure skater Kim Yu-na. I had tears in my eyes looking at my daughter's gapped front teeth whenever she smiled. Simply to say, she looked like some silly person without front teeth.

I was in pain and sorrow for that. But, first I calmed down and visited a dental clinic run by my acquaintance in Seoul to extract the tooth that had come out through the roof of her mouth. Because I doubted dental skill in Hamyang.

Actually, the reason I could not take measures immediately was that we were desperately poor. I had no money because I had spent all my fortune to save people in need.

After the tooth was extracted, I brushed her teeth with a lot of bamboo salt every night before she went to bed. If she brushed her teeth herself, she did not use a lot of bamboo salt, so I brushed her teeth with a lot of bamboo salt every day.

Then one day, a miracle happened. The gaps between the teeth all disappeared. The next teeth all moved to fill in the gaps. It was a real miracle.

Although I believed in bamboo salt 100% of course, what happened to trusting mind was a miracle. Whenever I see my daughter smiling, her even teeth melt all my painful memories in an instant.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved