Yellow Sky 2

18 Feb 2010
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I have two sons ages 26 and 21, and a daughter aged 16. And I also have adopted son and daughter aged 28 and 14, respectively. To pass on the fullness of soul that I received from my father, I make efforts to collect my wisdom. Whenever I encounter blocking, I solve the problem by recalling my father's love.

I did not send my two sons to university. It's been more 10 years since I brought them to a deep mountain. We live on a mountain this way, and the two have been roasting bamboo salt for 4 years. But can they roast bamboo salt happily every day? Sometimes they express dissatisfaction.

Children who don't know not much about their maternal grandfather except that he was an honorable person are stuck on a mountain and roast bamboo salt day and night without rest. How can they not have complaints? But whenever they express complaints, I told them this.

" You are the luckiest people in the world. Because your grandfather is Insan Kim Ilhoon. Of course, you can enjoy good fortune for your entire life, or you can waste it. If you accumulate more virtues, the virtues grow into amazing assets. Because I love your souls, I will let you live by accumulating luck and virtues. In other words, if you practice what your grandfather left, you become richer. I can't applaud the lives of other young people. You have the fate that you are the descendants of Insan Kim Ilhoon. So you have to act and live your fate. As you have a lot of luck, you have to share the luck with people in the world. Even if your whole body aches, even if you are poor and lonely, you have to live your fate as descendants of Insan Kim Ilhoon. Sell the bamboo salt you make with such difficulties to people in the world at an affordable price. You have to practice the will of your grandfather for the first time by letting even poor people eat bamboo salt and patients put it in food and eat it. If the practice is finished, you can move to a better practice. So, no matter how hard and difficult it is, you must practice. That is the basics of getting rid of the greed that you want to have all the luck to yourself. Your grandfather did not want to give good things only to his descendants, but to all Korean people and people all around the world. So, you have to live by practicing his will. That is the way to return your grandfather's favor, the honor that you were born as descendants of Insan Kim Ilhoon."

I keep telling my children this.

Although the sky in my childhood was mostly yellow due to the hunger, I live bravely and uncompromisingly to pass down the fullness of soul that I received from my father to my children.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved