Price of Bamboo Salt

27 Dec 2009
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The price of bamboo salt! I have heard lots of bad things, and I still hear those things. They say the bamboo salt I make is fake, I use bad quality ingredients, I do not roast it nine times, and I break down the order of business transactions.

I am so lonely. If there are 100 people who roast bamboo salt, 99 people, who have different opinions from mine, do their best to criticize me.

Bamboo salt! I have made it for a long time. And I have suffered a lot of pain for salt. The 99 people can live by completely ignoring me. Why are they conscious of me and criticize me?
Isn't it the ceaseless greed of humans that 99 people want to fill 100 by having the last one?

If there are new moves about bamboo salt, I am just humble enough to ignore it. Why can't they leave me, this humble person, alone? I just go ahead with the will of my father, Insan Kim Ilhoon, risking my life to do his will. Why do they provoke me?

My father and also my teacher, Insan Kim Ilhoon, did not let the method of making bamboo salt be known to the world to seek profit like many things in the world such as snacks and ramen. Was he a person who wanted to live in luxury by making money with those things? Far from living in luxury, he didn't even enjoy riches in a short time. Although he had many good things, he didn't ever live to enjoy comfort from the profit of those good things.

People say I do not meet a fixed price to make my own profit.

Actually, I am not that uncomfortable even if I am accused of this. But my heart really hurts when I hear critical opinions on the price of bamboo salt. Since I do not move a muscle at such criticism, some people use my men, who are naive and nice, to deliver their voice of criticism. So I faltered although I had been refusing to be discouraged. But it was not staggering of will but staggering out of real sadness.

Because my men also grew up seeing what kind of person my father was and learning what my father taught, together with me…

So I could understand how much my father was saddened. He said we always had to set the price from the point of view of people who eat the bamboo salt.

My eyes filled with tears continuously for several days.

Bamboo salt. My father told me to feed many people bamboo salt by making the price affordable. He said the nation's people could eat bamboo salt without a burden by mass-producing it. But how can people eat it with their minds at ease, because the current market price is too expensive? How can people use it in their dietary life as they please? I have prepared for 20 years in order to put into practice what my father said.

I just live my life silently, honoring my father's wish. But it seems people feel uncomfortable with me for living like that. I can endure even if they harshly denigrate my life. But bamboo salt is my father. If people want to break my spirit to honor my father's wish, it alters the case. To put it another way, those criticisms make me stronger and encourage me to achieve my goals.

I just wanted to silently spread my wish only for affectionate people who are close to me. But I have become to solidify my will toward those people who criticize the price of bamboo salt. And I think I am permitted to be like that. Because Insan Kim Ilhoon is my father.

If somebody stands in my path to honor my father's wish, I cannot help expelling the person from my heart. Because Insan Kim Ilhoon is the person who came to the world to deliver right laws.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved