OCKSUJUNG uses select sun-dried salt from the west coast in Korea ‘without removing bittern’ for synthesis of core arsenic (核砒素), which the inventor Mr. Kim, Il-hoon highlighted. As for the bamboos, we are receiving golden bamboos, one of the 25 bamboos grown in Korea, older than 3 years under cultivation contract with regional farms. Add to this, we roast bamboo salt for more than 15 hours not with pine wood fire but with pine charcoal fire, not in the stainless steel brazier or red clay kiln but in the iron brazier.

Korea west sea's bay salt  l   SEA SALT (食鹽)

Salt promotes metabolism, which pushes out old things and accepts new things, regulates the osmotic pressure of body fluid, and balances acid and alkali. Salt has various actions to remove toxicity, cures boils, sterilizes, and helps digestion, and there are hundreds of methods as folk remedies using salt.

Golden bamboo trees three years old and above   l

Bamboo has also been used as an important medicine among people and in oriental medicine. It is used in reducing fever, calming sputum, reducing coughing caused by sputum fever and the severe sputum of stroke, and curing convulsions, epilepsy, and tetanus.

Pine tree's charcoal and resin   l  PINE (松木)

Pine is the most common and important folk medicine in Korea. Pine resin helps granulating, stops pain, kills worms, and sucks out pus. It is applied to boils, burns, eczema, malignant boils, itchiness, and broken hair areas.

Made without any fertilizer in deep mountains   l
           RED CLAY (黃土)

Red clay does not have toxicity. It stops diarrhea and removes the poison caused by fever in the abdomen as well as poisons in various medicines and meat. There are tens of thousands of substances in the earth.


Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved


Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved