OCKSUJUNG, in constant pursuit of perfection, produces each original salt stone as if we’re dealing with a unique jewel to produce bamboo salt which meets the highest level property standard under Korea Standard of Bamboo Salt.

Unique white whose color uniformity is very fine

Unique flavor is very fine

There is no carbide mixed

* Bamboo salt KS H 7112: 2017

OCKSUJUNG bamboo salt was invented through 20-years of research and development.

Based on her father’s bamboo salt production principles and techniques, Ms. Yoon-ok Kim finally made the best quality bamboo salt after continuous hard work from 1997 to 2016. With 5 patented technologies applied, OCKSUJUNG bamboo salt’s production methods and knowhow are kept secret, allowing us to produce our own special bamboo salt products.

OCKSUJUNG has acquired KOSHER (OK KOSHER (New York, USA)) certification for the first time in the history of bamboo salt manufacturer and keeps a high level of process and quality through rigorous and continuous management each year.

OCKSUJUNG bamboo salt is proven safe by objective sanitary permissions of US FDA and Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

OCKSUJUNG bamboo salt is produced in the most original way in the world and therefore trustworthy since it is manufactured directly by the family of the inventor of OCKSUJUNG bamboo salt for three generations. It is luxurious salt produced with devotion based on the spiritual heritage passed down from our ancestors. Its unique package design represents OCKSUJUNG’s originality.

OCKSUJUNG Classic bamboo goes through 9 times of roasting as bamboo salt does, but the special final high temperature processing as high as almost 2,000℃ is added to deliver the unique quality in terms of crystal, flavor and color only 0.02% among of the entire bamboo salt production can have.

It takes about 30 days until the first roasting through high temperature processing till production completion. In the Korea’s weather conditions where four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter are distinct, OCKSUJUNG does not produce bamboo salt in hot and humid summer (3 months) for quality control.

Bamboo salt grinding technique OCKSUJUNG has a patent for helps experience the optimal taste of bamboo salt. Fine bamboo salt can be used for any type of food in various ways, while coarse one is usually used when taking the salt itself right into the mouth.

You can get expert advice on the size of a grain suitable for your usage in the customer contact section.

Bamboo salt is more hygroscopic than regular salt, so seal it tightly and store in dry areas.

Moisture absorption may make the salt turn gray, but there’s no need to worry about quality deterioration.

Using leaven to ferment soybeans when producing soy sauce is an improved way of making fermented soybean (meju) invented by Mr. Il-hoon Kim. Leaven is used to draw medicinal effects out of soybeans. Soybeans used are small black soybean (鼠目太), salt is bamboo salt produced in the traditional method and roasted 9 times.

OCKSUJUNG bamboo salt soy sauce uses authentic bamboo salt roasted 9 times, which is produced and sold directly by OCKSUJUNG.

The highest quality bamboo salt soy sauce can be particularly differentiated by the quality of bamboo salt.

OCKSUJUNG Sari bamboo salt say sauce has stronger effects by adding sulfur-fed ducks, garlic, dried barks of slippery elm (Yugeunpi, 楡根皮) to the ingredients of OCKSUJUNG bamboo salt soy sauce.

OCKSUJUNG products are produced in Hamyang in the southern part of South Korea. Hamyang is near Korea’s famous Jiri Mountain, suitable for producing bamboo salt and bamboo salt soy sauce thanks to its clear air and clean water. Following Mr. Il-hoon Kim, Ms. Youn-ock Kim and her family have lived in Hamyang and produced bamboo salt for more than 30 years.

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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved


Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved