BAMBOO SALT has been widely known and used since “God’s Medicine”, the book by Kim Il-hoon, was well-received in 1986.
“God’s Medicine” is a book which includes a unique medical theory and secrets for curing cancer and incurable diseases using BAMBOO SALT, mysterious medicines such as Ohaekdan and Sambojusa, the cure for cancer, and “Insan moxa cautery,” the developed version of traditional moxa cautery.

This book received compliments as a mysterious breakthrough in medical science and also caused controversy because it was too difficult to understand and believe. However, this is a rare steady seller for a long time as a medical book. The manufacturing method, medical properties, and principles of BAMBOO SALT are mentioned in detail in “God’s Medicine.” Below is a quote from the book.

”BAMBOO SALT is made of a combination of the core arsenic in coarse salt in the west coast of Korea, which has a cancer-curing property due to tides and underground ore, and the core arsenic in the clean water contained in bamboo. This becomes an eye cure for eyes, ear cure for ears, stomach cure for the stomach, and cancer cure for cancer. Like this, BAMBOO SALT is a food medicine which exerts a mysterious effect on all diseases, from a mild injury to severe cancer.

The water of the west coast of Korea naturally has a cancer-curing property rightly and abundantly. Therefore, the sun-dried salt made from the water of the west coast of Korea is a mixture of various toxic ores and life-saving toxic material.
The core arsenic is a substance in various ores in seawater for arsenic trioxide and the core of clean water. The core arsenic is a life-killing poison if it is taken in excess and if taken appropriately, this could be a life-saving substance, God’s medicine for all diseases. The core arsenic was created with the top toxicity among toxic materials when the sea received the fire power of earth since its formation.
As this core arsenic is the king of all toxicities which make the human body get sick, the compounds of pigments, it has the power to destroy all toxicities, including bacteria that cause cancer in the human body.
Bamboo is a transformed substance through the energy of the eleventh month in the lunar calendar. As it grows by absorbing clean sulfur underground and core arsenic in water, it can contain abundant sulfur ingredients, the cure for boils and tympanites, and has an invigorating effect.”

As the words of Kim come from his special insight into things, deep philosophy, and profound intuition, it is difficult to understand them. However, everybody can know that BAMBOO SALT has his own wisdom.
According to Kim, all things are transformed by saltiness, the energy of salt. The power for flowers and leaves budding and blooming in the spring and the power to prevent living things from decaying all comes from salt.


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Copyright 2018 ⓒ OCKSUJUNG All right reserved